The Cooper School Daily

First Grade Rules


This week in science, scholars learned about germs and the use of their five senses. On Wednesday scholars completed a fun experiment using glitter, and paper to see how fast germs spread by touching on surfaces. On Thursday we dug into the use of our five senses. Scholars came together as a class and we did a mini walk outside and used all our senses. We then composed a list of all the things we examined. Ask your Scholar what their favorite part of science was this week!


This week we explored what avid nonfiction readers do! Students watched a video and created a list of their reactions to the video to answer the question, “What do avid readers of nonfiction do?”  We discovered that avid nonfiction readers think “wow!” while reading and then ask questions. Students then explored nonfiction books and marked pages with post-its.


In math, we are decomposing the number 10 using Rekenrek bracelets the students made.  We are also learning about “putting together” story problems.  Students explored story problems by acting them out and drawing them. 

Important Dates: 

Wednesday, September 30th- Virtual Curriculum Night (Time-TBD)

October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)