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First Novel Study!

This week, 5th graders took their Unit 1 Math test, started Holes, enjoyed new centers, and finished our humdinger investigation.


We have begun our first novel study for the year. Holes by Louis Sachar is our first novel we will be reading. We are focusing on the characters as well as following a double plot line. As a class, we have enjoyed discussing their character traits and the funny nicknames!


Unit 1 is complete! Yay! We all know how to: write in exponential notation, identify prime numbers, use divisibility tests and write whole numbers through the billions place.

Unit 2 will focus on adding and subtracting decimals, customary conversions and expanded notation.


In 5th Grade, “Centers” takes place twice a week and is a time for students to have some choice and challenge related to our curriculum. During this time, each scholar is told which center to begin with, which order to move in, and then they move through the centers at their own pace. This week, students had the opportunity to build onto their humdinger from science, draw pictures of the plot from Holes, and research wonders of the world. Ask your child which center was their favorite this week.


Important Dates

Tuesday, September 13           5th grade Parent Meeting

Tuesday-Friday Sep. 27-30     Green River Preserve

Successful Scientists!!!  



Everyone had success building a humdinger!