The Cooper School Daily

First Week Back !!!!!!

Welcome Back

We were ecstatic to have our scholars back at The Cooper School for a full week. Scholars were beyond happy to see friends and get to know their teachers. Each Cohort was able to spend an entire day with both teachers to bond. We did tons of get to know you games during our Morning Meetings and throughout the day and started to brainstorm for our hopes and dreams.  


This week in science we opened with our All about me Unit. Students enjoyed a great read aloud called Marvelous Me that helped them point out things that make us special and unique. Scholars then were able to understand the difference between outside and inside qualities. Our classroom came together and brainstormed a list of things that might make them Marvelous. We finished off by drawing pictures of both our inside and outside qualities. Ask your scholar what their favorite part of science was this week.


In Math, we took the time to explore our materials in our math manipulatives bag.  Students were excited to go on a scavenger hunt inside their bags to find certain items.  We also discussed the structure of math lessons and explored the workbooks that accompany the lessons.  Students searched through the books and shared pages that they were looking forward to completing in math this year.  It was fun to see their enthusiasm for learning math!  

Important Dates:

September 7- No School (Labor Day)