The Cooper School Daily

First Week of Climbing

Parks and Recreation

  This week, Second Grade took their first trip to the James Island County Park to go rock climbing. The last trimester is when all grades ar The Cooper School go on weekly Movement field trips to explore the adventurous outdoors of Charleston. Students were teeming with excitement as we strapped in our harnesses and got the safety run-down. The weather was perfect for an afternoon climb. During Morning Meeting that day, each student set personal goals to revisit throughout the day. It was a great lesson in self-confidence and perseverance after personal failure. The good thing is, they still have three weeks to work hard to achieve their goals.  



Bird Research

 Students are preparing diligently for their end of the year project on birds. This week, students researched their bird’s nest, habitat, predator, prey, interesting facts, and brood. We’ve found a family of Red-Tailed Hawks to watch on Cornell’s amazing bird website and watched the chicks eat a tasty squirrel for their first meal ever! Our bird lovers are prepping notes and facts for a research essay they will start formally writing next week.

Measuring With More

Our newest unit from Everyday Math (Unit 9) introduces students to measuring distances longer than a ruler. Students compared measurements with inches versus centimeters and yards versus meters. We have started to make more accurate guesses of lengths of things like books, pencils, and our fingers. After measuring our friends’ height and shoe size, students decided that rigid measuring tools, like rulers, are not ideal for measuring items like the circumference of your head or your waistline. Students are also starting to explore and measure perimeters of shapes and objects at school.

Important Dates:

Climbing Wall                                  May 1  

Charleston Carriage Ride              May 3

Grandparents Day                          May 4, Early dismissal 11:30 am

Pass-it-On                                        May 4, 5-6pm @ The Charleston Museum

Climbing Wall                                 May 8

Climbing Wall                                 May 15

Bird Study Presentation               May 18

End of the Year Picnic                  May 20 @ Magnolia Plantation