The Cooper School Daily

First Week of May!

Pass it On

The day finally came! Students spent months writing and editing their poetry. Then they spent weeks practicing their poetry. The day finally came for Pass It On on Thursday evening! Students were so eager and excited to get the chance to share their writing with friends and family of the Cooper School! Second graders worked hard for this moment and they were so excited to share it with you all! We are so proud of their commitment and confidence!

Math Facts

To wrap up our last unit of math, second grade students are reviewing all units we have been doing this school year. This week we have been working on mastering fast facts. A fun and exciting way to get the students excited about math is to play math games. Our math version of Headbands where students put a card on their head and their partner has to give them an equation for them to solve. It is a fun way to get students excited but also ensuring students are learning their math facts.

Bird Diagrams

Second graders have been hard at work learning all about their birds! Doing research and finding information about all parts and features of their bird has been so exciting for the students. They truly look forward to it every day! We are working on putting all their information together to create bird diagrams. In their bird diagrams students include all parts of a bird, as well as an illustration of the bird. We love seeing all the creative designs they have for their birds and turning pictures into drawings.

Important Dates:

May 11th Cooper Clusters (Non-Uniform Day)

May 25th Bird Study Presentations

May 26th Teacher Work Day (No School)

May 29th Memorial Day (No School)

June 2nd Last Day of School & Field Day (Half Day)