The Cooper School Daily

First Week of Third Grade!

Morning Meeting

Third Grade has started out so amazing! We spent the week getting to know each other and learning our “new normal” routines. 

Third Graders loved the Morning Meetings this week! We start our mornings with a great message, and we’ve been sharing about ourselves, so we can get to know each other! During Morning Meeting, we begin by sharing a welcome greeting, sharing thoughts and ideas either whole group or in pairs, followed by an activity,  and then we close with a group message. This week, we practiced our “Silent Wave” greeting and a “What Comes Next” activity. Third graders also enjoyed sharing our Morning Meetings with our distance learners. It has been so great to see our friends at home!


We started our Physics of Sound unit! Third Graders enjoyed “dropping” different items to differentiate the sound differences. We used various objects such as plastic spoons, metal coins, tin foil balls, and cardboard. We loved hearing what sound was the loudest. 

Meeting our Class Pet

Third Graders in Cohort A spent time getting to know our new class pet. Cohort B will get to meet her next week.  Our pet is an adorable hedgehog named Peanut. We delighted in observing him sleep most of the day and play with his little bed.   Stay tuned to learn more about our fun class pet! 

Important Dates

Monday, September 7th           Labor Day – No School