The Cooper School Daily

Flexibility in Third Grade


Students started the week off with a “free write” that they then used to revise and edit throughout the week. We focused on capitalization and punctuation and how that can impact a story. Students added and identified relevant details to each of their paragraphs and showed their work using a graphic organizer. Writers created imagery for their reader and were able to write detailed examples that wrapped their stories up.


Readers were excited to start a novel length Asian folktale, The Magic Paintbrush this week. They learned to pay attention to the relationships between the main characters, they also made predictions about the story, and developed deeper theories about the characters by looking at their actions. Readers got to discover the magic that is the paintbrush and see the adventures that Steve goes on throughout this beautiful story.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we are learning all about the Native Mongolians. We’ve read and discussed all about their way of life, including their clothing, transportation, homes, and food. We’ve reflected on how their spiritual beliefs are related to their way of life, and how that way of life is changing in this modern day and age. 

Important Dates:

January 28th- Class Social (3pm-4pm)

February 15-February 16- February Break: No School