The Cooper School Daily

Flying High!



This week scholars are putting the finishing touches on their Bird Study Presentation. With all the excitement, it’s easy to forget one important piece to the project model, reflecting on what was learned. When reflection occurs, it ensures the experience is no longer isolated. It encourages insight and enhances the experience allowing for long-term connections to be made. Second Graders reflected independently on their most favorite part, least favorite part, and biggest challenges. By understanding that reflection is enhanced when shared with others, students discussed their achievements as a class.


Birds of Prey


Second Graders visited the Center of Birds of Prey Thursday and experienced the amazing world of raptors. Students gained some last minute insight into the life of different types of birds of prey. As they toured the center they got to meet sleepy Barred Owls, fast flying Peregrine Falcons, and hungry Turkey Vultures. It was so interesting to learn even more about these unique creatures and even more amazing to see these birds in action during the live bird show. It was a perfect way to culminate the bird study.


Bird Study Presentations


Tuesday morning, brave scholars displayed confidence as they shared their Bird Study Presentations to a room packed with friends and family. Children proudly discussed their bird’s habitat, unique characteristics, and adaptations. After the formal presentations were completed, students showed off their realistic bird drawings, dioramas, woven feathers, bird masks, bird’s wingspan versus their own arm span and their bird sculpture. It was quite a sight to see and a fantastic way to wrap-up our bird study unit.


Important Dates:


May 29th                                 No School – Memorial Day

June 1st                                  ½ Day – 5th Grade Graduation

June 2nd                                 ½ Day – Field Day