The Cooper School Daily

Footsteps Through Our Positivity Garden!


This week, we introduced our new Social-Emotional Learning Unit: Optimism! We began by creating footprints with the things we can be optimistic about, such as school, sports, friends, family, and more. Then, we tied optimism with poetry in a wonderful poem that reminds us that we have power over our thinking, and we can choose to grow flowers, or grow weeds. On Friday, we began an empowering discussion on just what those “weeds” can be, and how we can change our outlook and thinking into a more optimistic direction. Thank you to A.A. Milne for his, and Eeyore’s, inspiring words! 

Author Visit-

On Tuesday, we were so lucky to have Claire Bidswell Smith come speak with the class about nonfiction writing. Claire has published several wonderful books and had an adventurous career as a writer. She shared with 5th Grade all of the hard work and research that goes into creating a nonfiction book, as well as the many rewards that accompany it. Her visit was so encouraging to all of our writers, whether they are passionate about fiction or nonfiction. This was a wonderful way to wrap up our nonfiction reading unit! 


In Math this week, 5th grade has jumped right into our new unit! We learned all about how to convert metric units using exponential notation and how to multiply decimals using exponents. Do you know what King Henry’s death has to do with meters? Ask a 5th Grader! We also had a great time making line plots and using them to represent and organize data in real-world situations. While fractions were fun, the intrigue of exponents and graphing awaits. 

Important Dates:

March 14th: Spring Planting Party (9am-12pm)

March 22-27th: Spring Break (No School)