The Cooper School Daily

Forever 4th Graders!

Spirit Week

With ERB testing finally over, Fourth Graders have LOVED celebrating TCS Spirit Week.  On Monday, we had so many creative and crazy hats! Someone even made their own hat out of leaves!  On Wednesday, we saw a lot of flair with all the crazy shirts! On Wednesday, students showed how vibrant they are by wearing their favorite color!  Our class was colorful! On Thursday, students showed off their crazy socks and there were a lot of unmatched socks too.  Friday was the best with everyone cozy in their pajamas! 


Fourth Graders have been talking a lot about persistence.  We’ve learned that persistence means to push through, even when the task may be difficult. We’re putting this into action as the school year closes out. Students gave examples of how they have used persistence in the classroom.  One example was being persistent and not giving up when learning something that was challenging.  Another example that was given was when writing a research paper, you must be persistent and continue until you finish. The Fourth Graders have proven themselves by pushing through all year.  We are so proud of them!


The Fourth Grade students spent the week finishing up their reading unit about severe weather.  The students were all assigned different types of severe weather and had to research their topics using websites and many other nonfiction sources.  Students did a great job “citing” all the sources they used in their research. On Friday, the students shared what they had learned about their severe weather topics with the class.  We learned a lot about hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, tsunamis, floods, droughts, and more!

Important Dates

Monday, May 31st – Memorial Day – No School

Thursday, June 4th – ½ day of school – Field Day- LAST day of school!