The Cooper School Daily

Fostering Relationships and Building Our Community!

Math Mania

We introduced an interactive tool this week in Math-our dry erase white board slates! First grade mathematicians were very excited to use their slates to problem solve and display their answers.

Community Building

Students at The Cooper School have many opportunities to connect with friends in other grades. 1st Grade and Kindergarten enjoyed Movement together on Tuesday. 1st Graders were very pleased and proud to teach Kindergarten friends their favorite group games. At our whole school morning meetings, students are encouraged to learn the names of all the members of their cross grade field day groups. In our Tuesday all school morning meeting, we discussed the importance of recycling, brainstormed ideas about how we can reuse items instead of throwing them away, and learned more about our nifty compost bin in the backyard.









Erudite Scholars

In Reading Workshop, 1st Grade has been practicing habits that good readers do, such as taking a sneak peak at the beginning of a story, rereading and then rereading some more, and using picture clues. Readers impressed us with how engaged they were during silent reading time, reading quietly, with no interruptions, for 17 minutes! In Writing Workshop, the creative juices have been flowing as 1st Grade storytellers put pencil to paper to craft their small moment stories. We also introduced our first set of Vocabulary words, from the book Ruby the Copycat, this week. Ask your scholar if they remember any of the new words we learned!


Important Dates:

Monday, Sept. 10th-Friday, Sept. 14th              Charleston Stage Drama (K, 1st, 2nd)

Sunday, September 16th                                     New Parent Social, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Thursday, September 27th                                   1st-5th Grade Curriculum Night,  5:30 – 6:30 pm