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4th Grade Newsletter



This week in math, Fourth Graders have enjoyed exploring and comparing equivalent fractions. Students used number lines, tape diagrams, and other shapes to show their fractions and comparisons.  Several students realized that understanding number multiples helped them with finding equivalent fractions!  Fourth Graders had fun playing a new card game where they had to decide if fraction cards were greater than, less than, or equal to ½.  


Fourth Graders enjoyed another week of showing their true acting skills with the actors from Charleston Stage.  Our students acted out stories, played charades, and truly stood out as drama stars!  During recess, students continued their acting by playing many rounds of Typewriter where they took turns acting out their own stories.  


This week, we finished reading The Black Pearl during read aloud.  We all loved reading about a teaneager that found the most glorious black pearl in an undersea cave.  He is told by an older man that the pearl is owned by the legendary Manta Diablo and that he must return the pearl.  Ask your child about the story and the amazing events that take place!  Does the Manta Diablo really exist? 


Virtual Curriculum Night – September 22, 2021