The Cooper School Daily

Fourth Grade News!


On Thursday, our Fourth Graders began wrapping up our unit on the human body by labeling bones that they previously discovered when dissecting owl pellets. After extracting the bones, students cleaned them off and glued them onto a sheet of paper in order to replicate a rodent’s skeleton. They identified which bones they had and labeled them. Soon, we will be switching from Science to Social Studies by beginning our segment on European Explorers. 


During Reading Workshop the students split into groups to discuss the mystery books that they have been reading. They discussed the plot, characters, and possible endings before working on diagrams that list possible suspects, suspicious thoughts or actions, and possible motives. During read aloud, we started “Any Which Wall” by Laurel Snyder. 


In Math we are starting our unit on multi-digit multiplication. Students will be working on multiplying two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers. The goal of the unit is to be able to find products over one-hundred. Previously, students have used Rocket Math to practice their multiplication tables. In this unit, they will begin by using the area model and partial products. 

Important Dates:

-March 7th and 8th- Student Conferences