The Cooper School Daily

Fourth Grade News


This week, Fourth Graders had the opportunity to join Miss Henslee in the library for a tour of our new setup and the selection of books for this school year. Fourth Graders were given time to browse and check out one book for the week. Students will need to return their library book each week in order to get a new one!


Students started investigating magnets and other objects to learn more about magnetism. Exploration started with Students making predictions on which objects would be magnetic and which would not. Students also learned that when the opposite sides of magnets are put together they attract and when the same sides of magnet are put together they repel.

Word Work

Fourth Graders began their first units for Word Work this week. In vocabulary, Fourth Graders reviewed 12 words from a short story titled, “A Rising Star”. We’ve also started to review nouns in grammar and Fourth Graders were put into spelling groups. During spelling, students learned their spelling patterns for the week and practiced each word with an activity of their choice. Ask your Fourth Grader which spelling activity they enjoyed the most!

Important Dates:

September 5th- Labor Day (No School)

September 14th- Elementary Curriculum Night (5:30pm-6:30pm)