The Cooper School Daily

Fourth Grade News

Photos Below: Fourth Grade scholars study the skeletal system to try to determine how many bones are in the torso, arms, legs, and skull!

Science: Fourth Grade scholars continued with their new science unit introducing them to the study of the skeletal system. Students determined last week there were 206 bones in the human body. To build on this knowledge, scholars worked to determine how many bones were in the arm bones, leg bones, skull bones, and torso bones.  By using bone maps and life size human skeleton posters, they confirmed their findings!  Students learned that the three main functions of the skeletal system are protection, movement, and support!


This week’s vocabulary exercises included a Word Work challenge for Fourth Graders.  Students challenged themselves to incorporate all twelve of their vocabulary words into a creative writing story. Stories ranged from topics about robotics, schools, to natural disasters! Students revised their stories to reflect grammar and punctuation skills we have mastered in previous exercises. Scholars also created comics around these words to illustrate meaning.  

Writing Workshop

Fourth Graders continue to revise and edit new additions to their paper topics in the American Revolution. Their research continues with searching for additional sources to confirm the dates and events of their topic.  Scholars continue to add citations within  their paper with correct formatting. They are also working on creating books that include both an index and a glossary of terms! 

Important Dates: 

Monday, January 18th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)

Thursday, February 4th: 4th Grade Class Social (3pm-4pm)