The Cooper School Daily

Fourth Grade Off To A Great Start!

Becoming Leaders & Team Players

Fourth Grade students didn’t skip a beat when it came to seeing old friends and meeting new faces. They were natural leaders as they remembered to line up in speedy fashion and focus on the teacher when they hear the sound of the chime. To start the year off, the Cooper kids jumped right into writing down future goals and brainstormed about their hopes and dreams for the year! They will soon have a chance to tackle their Hopes and Dreams project for their Fourth Grade year. One of the highlights of the first week was participating in a measuring activity, where partners were formed and they measured each other with a yardstick and a piece of string. Once the year comes to a close, our scholars will measure themselves to find out how much they grew in one year. Please ask your child about their favorite activity of the week. 

Classroom Routines

This week was all about getting to know the classroom, routines, and their friends! In order to have a great year, it’s important to slow things down and review the expectations for Fourth Grade. Scholars modeled and practiced routines of the new classroom and grade level. This included how to navigate through the school, where things are and how to get them, and acceptable volume levels! Fourth Graders made the transition into their new classroom with joy and confidence, ready to start a great year! Please ask your child about how they are settling into 4th grade. 

Class Pet

Fourth Graders were ecstatic to meet their new class pet, Mango! He is an orange leopard gecko who snuggles next to his heating pad while watching the students work. We will be recruiting volunteers to help feed Mango throughout the school year. He is sure to be a favorite! Please ask your child about our new class pet. 

Important Dates:
Monday, 9/2 Labor Day – No School
Wednesday, 9/11 Parent Coffee (8am in the TCS Backyard)
Tuesday, 9/24 2nd-5th Curriculum Night