The Cooper School Daily

Fourth Grade Poets

Pass It On

Fourth Grade poets did an astounding job at Pass It On this year, and we loved seeing everyone dressed up! Fourth Graders have used this week as an opportunity to practice reading their poem aloud in front of an audience. Fourth Graders practiced reciting their poem independently, with partners, and in small and whole groups. Through these rehearsals, Fourth Graders were able to practice how to project their voice to an audience, changing their tone to match their poem, and taking pauses between line breaks and stanzas. Thank you all for joining us in this celebration!

ERB Testing

Students spent this week completing their ERB Testing. Students were tested on various subjects such as Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Writing Concepts, Vocabulary, and Quantitative Reasoning. In preparation for this week, Students have practiced different test taking strategies and reviewed ways to identify useful information in passages. Students persisted through this challenging week and we are so proud! Be sure to ask your Student about their ERB Testing experience. 

European Explorers

This week Fourth Graders wrapped up their Social Studies unit on European Explorers. As a class we read Around the World in a Hundred Years by Jean Fritz. This book gave a detailed summary on ten different European explorers who discovered, either on purpose or accidentally, a new part of the world! Fourth Graders then chose one explorer to research and present about.  They spent this week writing informative essays on their explorer and selecting visual aids that demonstrate the type of transportation and discoveries their explorer made. With their partner(s), Fourth Graders presented their final work to Third Graders on Friday. Don’t forget to ask your Fourth Grader which explorer they researched!

Important Dates:

May 11th Cooper Clusters (Non-Uniform Day)

May 12th Poet Muse Presentation 2:15pm

May 26th Teacher Work Day (No School)

May 29th Memorial Day (No School)

June 2nd Last Day of School & Field Day (Half Day)