The Cooper School Daily

Fourth Grade THINK

Photo Below: Fourth Graders enjoyed Word Work lessons outside this week in our outdoor classroom space. Students worked in pairs to mime vocabulary words!


This week Fourth Grade scholars continued their new Science and Social Studies unit on Africa!  As a class, we reviewed world biomes but focused on a few of the major African biomes! Among those were the Desert, Semi Desert, Grassland/Savanna, and Tropical/Temperate Rainforests. Scholars noted the biodiversity within each biome, making note of the plants and animals that defined each region.  

Social Emotional Learning – THINK

Fourth Graders learned recently how to create acronyms.  As part of our continued Social Emotional Learning students reflected on an acronym we use throughout our school day! Scholars reflected on examples of true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind words!

Summer Pet Care

We are currently looking for Fourth Grade parent volunteers to help care for our hamsters, Mr. Waddles and Butters, over the summer.  They will each go home with separate families on the last day of school. They come with their own specially built cage and are low maintenance, sweet, family-friendly pets.  If you have any interest in welcoming one of these hamsters into your home for a few weeks or even the whole summer, please reach out to Miss Brooke! 

Important Dates: 

May 7th – Virtual Pass It On (5pm)- 11:30 Dismissal

May 31st- Memorial Day- No School