The Cooper School Daily

Fourth Graders Begin February!

Photos Below: Fourth Graders learned just how valuable an opposable thumb is for completing intricate tasks! Scholars modified their fingers with tape to try everyday tasks with their classmates. 

Science: Fourth Grade scientists continued their study of the human body this week through focusing on joints.  Scholars investigated joints through modifying their hands to simulate having no thumbs while trying to accomplish a number of routine tasks.  The next lesson focused on immobilizing certain fingers and continuing these routine tasks. Students observed how essential the opposable thumb can be when completing intricate tasks.  Fourth Graders learned that another word for jointed is articulated! Students also began identifying the three types of joints. Joints can be classified as gliding, hinge, or ball and socket joints!

New Read Aloud

This week began a new Read Aloud for students.  We have begun Any Which Wall by Laurel Snyder.  This fantasy book gives students a chance to experience “common magic.” Common magic “exists in the very unmagical world you yourself inhabit. It’s full of regular- looking people, stop signs, and seemingly boring buildings!  Common Magic happens to kids who have curious friends, busy parents, and vivid imaginations…” We look forward to reading as a class and discovering the common magic in our own lives!

Valentines Day:

Fourth Graders will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at school on Friday, February 12th. As a class, we will decorate paper bags to put our valentines cards in.  Students and their families are not obligated to bring in any Valentines Day cards, however if you choose to please bring a card for each student in your child’s cohort.  We have listed each cohort below. We ask that you do not bring in anything edible such as candy or baked goods with your student.  We will also be making cards at school and exchanging our compliment books which is a very special TCS tradition!

Important Dates: 

February Break: Mon. Feb 15th & Tue. Feb 16th (No School)