The Cooper School Daily

Fourth Graders “Stick” Together!


What attracts? What repels? These are questions Fourth Graders have been exploring as we begin our new science unit about Magnetism and Electricity. This week, students have used magnets to discover what types of materials stick to the magnets, what materials a magnetic force can go through, and how much force or weight it takes to break the force of magnets. Students greatly enjoyed exploring the classroom to find as many objects as they could that were magnetic!


Revolution Reading and Writing

Over the course of the next several weeks, Fourth Graders will be immersed in the subject of the American Revolution across disciplines.  Students will be reading, writing, and participating in centers all intended to teach about the Revolutionary War. Students have been enjoying reading all about the revolution and gathering information about why it began and who was involved. This week students began to write information texts about a chosen topic having to do with the war.  During this writing unit, students will learn the art of doing research and how to teach through their writing.


Independent Learners

 This week, Fourth Graders discussed the second trimester SEL skill of independence. Becoming an independent learner is important in many different ways. As children grow and mature in their cognitive abilities, obtaining independence improves their self-esteem and confidence. Students have been practicing independence in and out of the classroom. One way a Fourth Grader will demonstrate independence is by reading instructions closely and by rereading the directions carefully before asking a neighbor for help.



Important Dates:


Friday, December 8th            Choir Concert at Congregational Circular                                                     Church 1:30-2:15

Thursday, December 14th     Parent Coffee 8am-9am

Thursday, December 21st     Pajama Day (11:30am dismissal)