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Fractions and Settlers

Look Out For Birds!

It’s about that time of year where birds take over Grade Two. Our final culminating project starts just after break and kids are already squawking with excitement!!! We wrote some poems inspired by birds of the lowcountry this week and we encourage students to explore birds even more over Spring Break. Some great activities would be a bird walk/hike, a journal of birds you’ve seen on a trip or in the backyard, and even exploring with binoculars. Students can share their sightings on our first Morning Meeting upon return!

Half and Half

Can you believe our little guys are dividing and making fractions? This week we explored halves, fourths, thirds using grouping. We learned that if we could split a number into even groups, we form fractions based on the parts to whole ratio. As of now, we’ve been using even and odd numbers up to 20. Another one of our strategies is to draw an array of the total and then circle equal groups based on the denominator. Try asking your child a problem like, “If Sally has 8 apples, and her brother eats ¼ of them, how many did her brother eat?”

Charles Towne and Kiawah Natives

Grade Two wrapped up our social studies unit on the Charles Towne settlers this week. Yesterday we discussed the things that the Kiawahs taught the settlers about hunting and gathering and fishing in the lowcountry. We’ve been playing this clever game where students can earn the titles of the 8 proprietors of Charles Towne. These founders of our city were given this title and land in the Carolinas in exchange for loyalty to King Charles II. In order to demonstrate the political implications of their titles, Second Grade proprietors were able to line up first and choose other proprietors to serve with them. We even exiled King Charles at one point!!

Important Dates

Spring Break Begins                              March 30

School Resumes                                      April 9