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Fractions, Lifeboats and Lunch Buddies!



Holiday Concert!

      Go Fifth Grade!





Fractions are fun! This week students began Unit 5 in Everyday Mathematics. Students reviewed fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers. Students learned how fractions relate to division. Next week, students will be finding equivalent fractions, converting fractions into decimals and ordering fractions!


Have you ever been on a cruise, cargo ship, or perhaps a sailing expedition?  Did you notice the lifeboats that were available in case something was to happen to the larger vessel?  This week your scientists built their own lifeboats and determined how many passengers (pennies) each one could carry!  To determine the exact capacity of each boat, they filled them up with water and measured the water in mL.  We discovered that the larger the capacity of a boat, the more passengers it can hold.  During our investigation, your experimenters had to control all other variables, such as condition of the seas, placement of the passengers, and shape of the boat.  Ask your child how many passengers their boat could hold!



Lunch Buddies and Movement

This week, students have been discussing friendship and how conflicts can be resolved in Morning Meeting. Students were partnered up for lunch buddies and Movement. Students discussed their short-term goals with their lunch buddy and how their friends can support them in reaching their goals. In order to foster those friendships, we used the same buddies during Movement. Buddies worked together to compose an 8-count dance routine to teach to the whole class. We then compiled all the 8-counts for our routine to Jingle Bell Rock! Ask your child to perform their part of the routine!



Thursday, December 14th           Parent Coffee (8am)

Thursday, December 21st           Pajama Day, 11:30 Dismissal

Friday, December 22nd               Winter Break Begins

Thursday, January 4th               School Resumes