The Cooper School Daily

Friday the 13th!!!!

Balance and Motion

   This week we started a new Science investigation into Balance. We are discovering that objects can be balanced in many ways and that counterweights can be used to help. Scientists are learning about stable positions and how the counterbalance of those weights can help obtain stability. Continuing with this investigation, students will also be making mobiles and discussing their observations and comparisons of balanced objects.


Welcoming Ms. Brooke

   This week we met our new Second Grade co-teacher, Ms. Brooke. She will be joining our class full time next week, but our students truly enjoyed greeting her and getting to know her a bit this week. She will be leading our Writing and Reading lessons and will also take over some daily classroom responsibilities like read alouds and Spelling. Everyone at The Cooper School is really eager to have her on board!


Wise Readers

     Our Second Grade family has been learning the joys of reading for pleasure. We are also learning how to dissect stories and break them down to analyze them further. This week we have been looking at dialogue vs. non-dialogue books and identifying the narrator in the text. We have been using Owl Moon as our “mentor text” to show the use of luscious language.


Important Dates

October 26h – 11:00am Parent Lunch

October 31st– Halloween Carnival