The Cooper School Daily

Fun after Fall Break!


Students will be assessed on Unit 2 next Monday and Tuesday. Unit 2 covered estimation, adding, subtracting and multiplying of decimal numbers. Students reviewed multiplication strategies: partial products, lattice and US traditional. Students will be able to use whichever strategy they choose on the test. Students played the High Number Toss game to reinforce place value and comparison of large numbers. Next Wednesday, we will begin Unit 3 which will cover geometric figures, angles and data collection. Students will be given options in centers to work on tessellations and math games!



Students have finished our second novel, Missing May. This week we began our 3rd novel, Bridge to Terabithia, by Katherine Paterson. Students will be focusing on dialect affecting character development, figurative language, setting and foreshadowing. Students will be comparing and contrasting this book with our read-aloud. Both books take place in rural settings and include dialect from the Appalachian region. Ask your student about the comparisons made between these books!



Students enjoy Art once a week with Ms. Kerry. Students have created name mandalas which were displayed on Curriculum Night. Students have begun printing projects by creating designs on Styrofoam and using ink to print their design on paper. Students enjoy the printing process and using their creativity to create their design. Students will be incorporating their art next week in Math class to identify geometric figures and angles! 


Important Dates

 Thursday, October 19th-Parent Lunch and Publishing Party- 11:00 am

Thursday, October 19th– Movie Night- 6pm-8pm

Tuesday, October 31st -Halloween Carnival ½ Day- 8am set-up