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Fun Frenzies!

Project Presentation

4th grade has been preparing for their final project presentation since March and the time has finally come for them to show what they know! They started out by reading, writing, and reciting poetry before they chose their own poetry muse to focus on for the project. Students memorized and recited their favorite poem by their muse, created a slideshow to tell all about them, and wrote their own poem inspired by their muse’s style and structural elements. They focused on poetry for a long time and we are so proud of how hard they have worked all year long!


Last week, our scientists started learning all about inheritance and traits in our final Science unit of the year. They started out by learning about specific organisms and their species by comparing different variations of birds and bears. Then they compared parents’ genes to build their own monster. Next week, they’ll move on to looking at their own dominant and recessive traits!


Our last SEL unit for the year is Persistence, which is when you keep going even when things get difficult. This is very similar to perseverance, which is overcoming difficult obstacles. These characteristics go hand-in-hand and we’re hoping to teach our 4th graders to stay strong and true to themselves during moments of hardship with this unit. Around the classroom, we have posted motivational things students can say to themselves when they’re trying to persist. How else can our students persist and persevere over the summer?

Important Dates

May 23 – Kayaking Field Trip (9am-11am)

May 26 – No School (Teacher Work Day)

May 29 – No School (Memorial Day)

June 1 – Half-Day (11:30am Dismissal)

June 2 – Last Day of School (11:30am Dismissal)