The Cooper School Daily

Fun In First Grade

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies students dug deep and studied the differences between a map and a globe. Students made observations such as a map being flat and a globe is a sphere. Students learned that a map has a compass rose and has roads on it. Scholars even learned what a map key is!


Our Word Detectives have been working really hard to solve tricky words!  We have learned strategies such as using the snap words around a tricky word to solve it and looking for snap words or similar words within tricky words.  We are working on making tricky words snap words so that we don’t have to solve them again and again.  Students have blank word walls in their reading notebooks where they collect new words! 


Students are continuing to love our measurement unit!  This week, we worked on comparing length using the terms “shorter than” and “longer than” and comparing length using indirect comparisons.  Students got to measure their feet with string and use that string to find objects around the room that are longer and shorter than their feet.  They then used those measurements to help compare the length of those objects.  We will continue to explore measurement in the upcoming weeks! 

Important Dates:

  • February 25-February 26- Opinion Pages Publishing Party via Zoom- 9:30 am
  • March 1-March 2- ½ days – Self Assessment Conferences