The Cooper School Daily

Fun In First Grade !!!

Social Studies

This week in social studies our scholars wrapped up our Australia unit. Scholars have learned so much about Australia. We studied the compass rose and learned about maps and globes. Scholars are excited to share some facts they learned about the animal they choose from Australia. We will be putting together a short presentation for you all to see online this week. We can’t wait to share it with you!!!


This week we worked on measuring in uniform standard and non-standard units.  We also worked on solving problems that asked us to find out how much longer or shorter one object is than another.  We are moving on to Topic D, which focuses on data interpretation.  Please click here for some parent tips! 


This week, our Writers are working on writing in complete sentences.  We launched this work today by using color-coded cards to create silly sentences.  Students then discussed what they noticed about the sentences.  We will continue this important work this week during Writing Workshop and during Word Work in the coming weeks. 

Important Dates:

  • March 29- April 5 (Spring Break)