The Cooper School Daily

Fun in First Grade !!!

Fluid Dynamics

In Science, students are studying the properties of liquids by observing everyday household liquids such as cooking oil, fabric softener, and body wash. Liquids can be transparent, translucent, viscous, foamy, bubbly, and/or have color. Our young chemists are enjoying shaking and rolling the bottles to see how each liquid moves and how they react with each other.

Saint Patrick’s Day Fun!

Students were surprised and excited to see that our Cooper School Leprechaun left them some surprises yesterday!  Students worked with their cohort to solve clues to try to catch that leprechaun, but he escaped!  He left us green necklaces with limericks on them.  We then did a shared writing activity in which we created our own class limerick!


Our Poets are continuing to impress us with their poetry writing!  This week, we wrote poems inspired by our surroundings and by works of art.  We worked with  teams to read poems and identify examples of repetition, rhyme, alliteration, and onomatopoeia.  

Important Dates:

Monday, March 29- Monday, April 5: Spring Break- NO SCHOOL