The Cooper School Daily

Fun In First Grade !!!!


This week, we started a new topic that focuses on students understanding the meaning of subtraction as it relates to addition.  We listened to story problems and created number bonds to match the story problems.  We used the number bond to help us write an addition sentence and then rewrite the addition sentence as a subtraction sentence.  We will continue to explore the relationship between addition and subtraction in upcoming lessons.  


Our authors have published their Small Moment stories! We celebrated the end of this unit by sharing our stories with our classmates and adding the stories to the classroom library.  Students have enjoyed reading about each other’s experiences!  We are now starting our next unit, Writing Nonfiction Chapter Books. Students are already excited about sharing all they know about their favorite topics! 

Science Fun

This week in Science our scholars looked more closely at the inside of an ant colony. Our scholars realized how hard the female ant workers work to keep the queen ant and their colony safe. Our friends were shocked to learn how many eggs the queen ant lays daily. Ask your child what their favorite part about ants has been so far!

Important Dates: 

October 20- School Picture Day

October 30- TCS Halloween Celebration! 11:30 am dismissal