The Cooper School Daily

Fun in Third Grade !!

Spring Choir Concert    

On Wednesday the Cooper School community gathered at the Scottish Rite to perform a musical selection of well-known songs for parents and families. It was a beautiful concert and we are grateful to Mr. Andy for all his hard work in choir this year. First through fourth grades worked very hard and sounded amazing. We thank you all for coming to see the show!   

SEL: Persistence

Recently we’ve moved into our last SEL Unit: Persistence. We’ve learned that persistence means to push through, even when the task may be difficult. We’re putting this into action as the school year closes out. Third Graders are doing a great job persisting through our last few weeks of school! 

Social Studies

This week in social studies third-grade scholars continued our South Carolina study. Third graders learned all about our government and that we are a democracy. Scholars learned about the different laws and why laws are put into place. Third graders were intrigued to learn about taxes and what they help pay for. We are enjoying learning so much about South Carolina so far!

Important Dates   

  • April 27th – “Sparkle” Spring Gala and Auction (6pm @ Founder’s Hall)
  • May 7th – 3rd Grade Field trip to Caw Caw
  • May 9th – Pass it On 5pm @ Scottish Rite (11:30 Dismissal)
  • May 14th – 3rd Grade Field trip to African American Museum