The Cooper School Daily

Roll Into Third Grade !!!

Social Studies  

Third Graders were excited to start their Asia study in Social Studies this week. To kick off our study, students investigated world maps and learned how to identify Asia. Students began to study the many biomes of Asia, starting with the grasslands and had the opportunity to illustrate the many attributes of these dry areas of the continent. Third Graders cannot contain their excitement for starting their individual projects and have already begun to consider their topics of interest for this intriguing unit.

One Word

Each year at The Cooper School we forgo resolutions and instead help students choose “One Word” to focus on for the year. The “One Word” choice allows you to pick a word that can be applied to many aspects of life and be used as a guide for the year. It sets the intention for actions, thoughts, and interactions. Third Graders have done a wonderful job of brainstorming words and choosing “One Word” that has meaning for them. They have been able to explain why they chose their word as well as how it can apply to many aspects of their lives. Ask your child what word they chose. 


This week in math our mathematicians have been working on solving two step problems. Our students focused on solving these two step word problems using addition and subtraction in a way that makes sense to them. Scholars were able to connect these problems with diagrams and equations.

Important Dates:

January 17th- MLK Day (No School)