The Cooper School Daily

Fun in Week 4!


We have been practicing using Google Classroom. Logging into our classes and answering questions posted online has helped our students feel comfortable working on their Chromebooks.


We are learning so much in our Science unit! As we start to wrap out our Physics of Sound unit we have started to create our instruments. Students have been learning how to construct sound sources. We designed a blueprint and will be creating the product next week. 

Social and Emotional Learning

Our “Wonder Wall” is growing. Third Graders have so many great wonders, and we are looking forward to answering them. Curiosity has sparked a love of learning in our classroom. 


In Writing this week, Third Graders talked about becoming their own job captains. Students were able to work with independence and decide where they were in the writing process. We also discussed where to begin new paragraphs and some of the typical places where this would occur in our own writing. These captains have taken over their own writer’s notebooks!

Important Dates:

September 30th- Virtual Curriculum Night 

October 9th- Distance Learning Day 

October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)