The Cooper School Daily

Fun with Second Grade !

Artist Statements

Writing this week focused on artist statements for our upcoming Art Walk on Friday, January 31st.  Second Graders wrote about their favorite things about art, their goals for art this year, and the materials they like to use when creating art.  They also shared the 3 things they like about art as well as their favorite piece that they created this year. 

Cooper Village

Second Grade’s most ambitious project, Cooper Village, has commenced and jobs and businesses have been chosen. We held student-led discussions and voted for what businesses we needed in our village.  The concept and values of needs versus wants was central to this brainstorming and elimination process. Your child has applied and been accepted as a professional at one of our businesses. They will soon begin  doing some independent research outside of school to truly understand their duties and contributions to our community. 


Second Graders continued learning about weather and climate this week. This nonfiction study encourages students to think like scientists through questioning and analysis of high-quality texts. The big idea is the essential connection upon weather and climate, especially how weather shapes our lives, including what we do to reduce weather’s negative effects. These brave scholars have been demonstrating their ability to use evidence from the text to form valid arguments and make claims based on inferences.

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, January 28, Parent Forum with LeAnn Gardner
  • Friday, January 31, Art Walk