The Cooper School Daily

Fun In Third Grade


Third Graders began their nonfiction-writing unit this week! The Art of Informational Writing allows students to become the teachers and write about a topic they know a lot about. Students have chosen to write about sports, taking care of pets, cooking, birds, and so much more. The beginning of this unit has been about the importance of organization and setting yourself up for success. In this unit students will be writing a Table of Contents, planning the best order to write in, and discussing what they are going to write until they feel ready to burst with all the information. 

Social Studies

Third Grade was so excited to begin our Community Change Makers Unit this week.  We spent our first day of the unit discussing the meaning of identity and what it means to be a “change maker”. The students created personal identity webs and looked for connections in themselves to the identities of others. We loved starting our unit affirming our own identities and getting to explore the factors that shape who we are. Students can’t wait to see who they will get to research for the rest of the Change Makers unit! 


Third grader scholars started a new math unit this week. Students are learning all about area. Scholars are working on finding the area of rectangles and triangles. Stay tuned to watch your scholar learn more about area! 

Important Dates:

Fall Break- October 18 & 19 (No School)