The Cooper School Daily

Geography, Asian Tales and Halloween Fun!


This week, Third Graders started a new study to investigate the geography of Asia. Students are working towards identifying all 7 continents and 5 oceans on a map. Brave scholars observed the multiple biomes within the continent of Asia. Students worked to learn the key points of the grassland biome in Asia. They know that this particular biome is comprised of mostly grass, small plants or shrubs and rarely trees can be found. We discussed the cause for so few trees and other plant life is due to the small amount of rainfall that occurs in the grasslands biome. Next week we will examine the mountain biome of Asia and explore how mountains are formed. We will dive deep into examining the countries that make up Asia and aim to have students name 5 of these countries.

Comparing Folktales Across Cultures

3rdhall2Third Grade readers built on their knowledge of folktales by examining Asian folktales during Reading Workshop this week. With the knowledge that they have gained about folktales, readers were well equipped to analyze and compare folktales, characters and lessons learned from various Asian folktales. Brave scholars noticed that “trickster” characters teach us valuable lessons. Even though the trickster character causes trouble and has seemingly negative characteristics, he or she often solves problems and teaches lessons.

Family Halloween Fun!

The week ended with the annual Halloween Carnival. The Fifth Grade students each created a Halloween-themed booth for the rest of the school to enjoy at the Halloween Carnival. Students come dressed in their creative costumes ready to take part in the celebration and had a great time socializing across grade levels. A few students even walked away with awards for their special costumes!