The Cooper School Daily

Getting excited over here…

The first few weeks have already been so much fun here in 5th Grade! We are off to an awesome start of the year! Next up, Green River Preserve!

Lunch Buddies

This week we had lunch buddies with 3rd and 4th Grade. Your scholars are already role models for these younger students. They will be having lunch buddies every week to help younger students learn the ways of The Copper School.  During lunch buddies, students were paired with new friends and encouraged to learn something new about them at lunch.  After we all ate, we enjoyed group games!


Tuesday Movement

Every Tuesday, 4th and 5th grades join together for Tuesday Movement. This is a teacher-led time to learn physical skills such as kicking, throwing, catching, and running. It is also a time for bonding and learning sportsmanship through physical activity. This week, your athletes played The Human Knot. This game requires immense focus and teamwork. Your athletes had a blast!



A pendulum is a mass hanging from a fixed point that is free to swing to and fro. Can you think of an everyday object that is a pendulum? Your scientists came up with a swing on the playground, a grandfather clock, and a wrecking ball! This week, your thinkers began Variables in science. This unit is focused on creating controlled experiments by manipulating one variable at a time. This unit will set each student up for success in the Science Fair later in the year. Ask your child about our swingers investigation!



This week, we began our first unit of writing: Narrative Writing. Students learned strategies for generating small moment ideas for their stories. Summer experiences have been great fuel for their stories and it is very exciting reading about their adventures. You can help your child generate more ideas by looking at photo albums and reliving some favorite family memories!


Important Dates:


Monday, September 3rd                                                        No School- Labor Day!


Tuesday, September 4th                                                       Leave for Green River Preserve- 7:30am

                                                                                                  Parent Coffee (8 A.M. in TCS backyard)


Monday, September 17th-21st                                            Charleston Stage Company coming to TCS

Thursday, September 27th                                                   1st-5th grade Curriculum Night