The Cooper School Daily

Ginko Walks in Nature, Fraction Fun, and Puddle Discoveries!

Ginko Walks

This week, young poets took their writing outdoors as they explored the wonderful world of writing haiku. First Grade writers took several Ginko Walks to unique areas on our school campus to tap into the here and now. These young haiku-writers composed three-lined poems about nature to answer when, where, and what about the here and now. Ask your First Grade observer of nature what they observed during our Ginko Walks this week during Writing Workshop.

Investigating Fractions

First Grade mathematicians took a closer look at fractions this week in math and built on their understanding by examining fractional parts of a whole. Students compared fractional parts of food to introduce them to unit fraction notation. First Grade scholars reviewed the vocabulary associated with fractions and participated in hands-on explorations of fractional parts and recording fraction notation.

Puddle Discoveries!

First Grade scientists wrapped up their investigation of liquids this week with an outdoor exploration! Young scientists know that liquids can be found in puddles. After searching for puddles and finding none, First Graders decided to make their own! These observational scientists know that liquids need containers to hold their shape. They searched with their science partners for ideal locations that dip down, to create their own puddles in our school’s backyard. Science partners were thrilled to find an ideal spot under the swings and collaborated to create a class puddle to observe! We are looking forward to further exploring solids and liquids when we return from Spring Break!

Important Dates:

Friday, March 30th                    Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                      Return from Spring Break    

Friday, April 20th   Swim Lessons

Friday, April 27th Swim Lessons

Friday, May 11th Swim Lessons

Friday, May 18th Swim Lessons