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Going Greek!

Greek Reading, Writing and Social Studies

Fifth Grade is following the progression of poetry and the spoken word through history!  Our first stop is Greece.  This week our study of Greece was integrated throughout Reading, Writing, and Social Studies as your learners read myths and nonfiction texts, wrote epic poems, and studied the geography and architecture of Greece. One of the ways poetry was utilized in Ancient Greece was through the telling of Greek Myths.  These myths were a way for the Greeks to make sense of the world around them before modern day science and technology.  One of the most popular forms of poetry and myths of this time is the epic poem.  An epic poem is a long narrative poem that tells a story.  This story usually involves a hero that must complete a journey.  He is sure to encounter various perils and often requires the assistance of a god to survive the adventure!  What is your favorite Greek Myth?


Poetry Centers

This week, we launched our new poetry centers to go along with the school-wide poetry unit. Centers take place on Tuesdays and Fridays, and this is a time for students to participate in hands-on enrichment activities related to the week’s curriculum. This week, students were offered several poetry centers. The publishing center was set up for students to publish a poem they’ve written on beautiful poetry paper. Students may listen to various poets recite their poetry aloud while at the listening center including poets such as Marcus Amaker and Matthew Foley. At the reading center, students are able to read poetry independently or with a partner and pick a favorite poem to copy. One of our favorites is the Poetry Museum where students can observe some of the items they’ve brought in for inspiration, and the Memorization Masters where students can memorize famous poems and record themselves reciting them. We are loving this time to explore poetry!


Poetry Guest

Matthew Foley, a Charleston poet, came to our class on Tuesday and conducted a poetry workshop. Students were engaged in dream poems and learned new ways to incorporate rhyme into their poems.



Who knew multiplying fractions could actually be fun?! That’s what some of your mathematicians said this week as we learned a new skill and they realized they were ready for it! We have been studying fractions for several years now, and all that knowledge is culminating this year in the form of multiplying and dividing fractions. When you multiply two fractions, you must multiply the two numerators and that product becomes your new numerator. Then you multiply the two denominators and that product becomes the new denominator. We really put our skills to the test when we had to multiply mixed numbers! Have your child explain how to solve this problem: 3 1/x 4 2/5.


Important Dates

Saturday, March 24th                           Spring Planting Party

Friday, March 30th                               Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                                Return from Spring Break