The Cooper School Daily

Good in Our World!

Earth Day
This week, Kindergarteners were so excited to observe and celebrate Earth Day. This week, Kindergarteners have brainstormed ways to help take care of our planet. In Writing, students have considered problems in our world that need solving and made signs to help promote change for our Earth! After all of their hard work and brainstorming, students were so excited to put all of their ideas to work and spend Earth Day looking for litter that could be cleaned up as well as reminding friends to take care of Earth, which does such a good job of taking care of us! Kindergarteners were inspired to create and hang signs in our backyard to remind their peers to take care of our space.

Proud Poets
This week, students were eager for the opportunity to shine reading their Pass It On poems for their classmates. Leading up to this special day, students spent time practicing in partnerships, groups, and in front of the class to prepare for their exciting moment on stage. These brave scholars have mastered projecting their voice and reading in front of an audience, which is pretty big work for a Kindergartener! We can’t wait for you to hear the work of these amazing poets on May 9th at our Pass It On poetry presentation.

Kempton Retirement Village
Kindergarteners were so excited for our second visit this week to Kempton Retirement Village. Students could not wait to spend time with the residents, sharing all of the reading skills that they have picked up during their Kindergarten year. Kindergarteners even got the opportunity to show off their favorite math game, Race To 100! We live to see the smiles our little scholars put on the faces of these residents!

Important Dates:
April 27th – SPARKLE – Spring Auction & Gala
May 9th – Pass It On 5pm @ the Scottish Rite (Elementary School Writing Event) (11:30 Dismissal)
May 24th – Teacher Work Day (No School)
May 27th – Memorial Day (No School)
May 30th – Half Day (11:30 Dismissal)
May 31st – Last Day of School (11:30 Dismissal)