The Cooper School Daily

Goodbye January!

A Visiting Architect

This week Kindergarteners were excited as our Buildings Study came to life! During a Whole School Morning Meeting students had the opportunity to hear from architect, Eddie Bello, from Bello Garris. Eddie brought photos of the plans for our new building being renovated right next door. We loved seeing the Kindergarteners’ pride when showing all that they have learned about buildings and watched as they joined in the excitement for the newest addition to our school. We appreciated hearing feedback from all of our students and hope they know how much their voice truly matters!


Kindergarteners went on a few adventures this week through several different places in the world as we kicked off our Biome study! Students began the week by discussing all of the important parts that make up a biome. Students discussed the flora, fauna, water, air, soil, and energy from the sun. Our class was very proud to share all that they knew about each part of the world! We were excited to dive in and begin to explore Wetland, Polar, Rainforest, and Desert biomes a little deeper. Kindergarteners were excited to imagine a trip to each region and discuss exactly what type of clothing they would need to pack!

Complimentary Kindergarteners

Our classroom was abuzz this week as students took on the exciting task of creating books of compliments for their classmates. February is a special month at The Cooper School as the whole school takes the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day by filling their friends’ buckets! We feel so honored to get to read and listen to the kind words our Kindergarteners have to say about their peers. Kindergarteners have complimented each other on their speed, kindness, and humor, and have also shown immense gratitude for the friendships they have built.

Important Dates
February 8th- Family Fun Night (CofC Basketball Game)
February 13th- Valentine’s Day Bake Sale
February 17th- February Break
February 27th – Kinder-Bonding Buddy Playdate with Class 3:00 – 4:00