The Cooper School Daily

Goodbye November, Hello December

Fired Up For Rocket Math

      Second Grade has officially launched into Rocket Math!! Each day, students practice their automaticity and speed, completing fact sheets for time and accuracy. Each student has a set goal, and their challenge is to correctly complete each level in order to move forward. Each level gets increasingly more challenging with higher digits and a larger range of numbers and sums. Second Graders have been thrilled to begin this part of our math unit and will continue through to the year’s end.

That’s The Way The World Goes Round

      Geography, Ecology, and the Earth’s biomes! Yes, this week we started our first Social Studies unit on landforms and continents. Learning the Earth’s biomes (ocean, polar, temperate forest, desert, grassland, mountains, tropical forest, and wetlands) helps to teach students to think of the world in terms of ecosystems and natural boundaries instead of political or historical divisions. We will be studying how humans share these spaces with flora and fauna, and how each biome’s climate and soil affect the way we adapt to the biome in which we live. Charleston is classified as wetlands.

Interim Class Pet

      While Michael Jordan and Oscar are off getting pampered at the pond spa, we have a new class pet for the week. Ms. Brooke gladly brought in her family pet, Teddy the hedgehog. Teddy is nocturnal and loves to burrow in his little hut. He eats mealworms as a snack. His quills can be sharp when provoked, but students loved meeting him and petting him on his wet doggy-like nose.

Important Dates:

Friday, December 8th              Concert at the Circular Church (1:30pm)

Thursday, December 14th      Parent Coffee (8am)

Thursday, December 21st      Pajama Day, 11:30 Dismissal

Friday, December 22nd           Winter Break Begins