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Grandparents and Pass it On

Carriage Ride Charleston

Second Grade toured historic downtown Charleston on horse drawn buggies with the Palmetto Carriage Company this week. A representative visited our class on Wednesday to explain where the horses came from and how they are cared for. Apparently for every week of work, they receive a week of vacation on their farm on John’s Island. We learned the difference between a mule and a donkey and even passed around some real life horseshoes. Our tour lasted an exciting hour as we learned some interesting facts about architecture, infrastructure, and the growth of the Holy City!


Red-Tailed Hawk Cam

As part of our bird study, every few days we have been watching a live cam from San Francisco that features a family of Red-Tailed Hawks with two babies. According to their site, the webcam was placed 100 feet high in a blue gum eucalyptus tree. In each student’s observation log, they noted the chicks’ feathers, beaks, nest construction, and most excitingly feeding time. It has been such a learning experience in scientific observation, note-taking, and bird loving.


He’s Going the Distance

This week in Math it has been all about measuring long distances and learning the metric system. We started the week by looking at maps with distances between U.S. cities and adding up the distances in miles. We applied our knowledge of ballpark estimates and when and when not it’s appropriate to estimate distances and measurements. Perimeter was also introduced this week as we measured our journals, desks, and even the playground. We are introducing area of simple shapes like rectangles with a square grid. Practice measuring things around the house with rulers and yardsticks!

Pass-it-On                            May 4, 5-6pm @ The Charleston Museum

Climbing Wall                     May 8

Climbing Wall                     May 15

Bird Study                           May 18


End of the Year Picnic      May 20 @ Magnolia Plantation