The Cooper School Daily

Grateful Geniuses!

Week of October 31st

Summary: This week, 5th graders began a new reading unit, launched their study of U.S. History, and learned about gratitude in morning meeting.


This week in Reading Workshop we launched our Reading Unit about Westward Expansion. This week, 5th graders began the fiction book Mr. Tucket to boost up their background knowledge and get ready for this exciting unit! Students will explore the West through reading and researching fiction and nonfiction texts.


Social Studies

Students have begun their first unit in Social Studies, A New Nation. This week students have read, answered discussion questions and watched video clips of the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Louisiana Purchase. Check out this website to refresh your own memory of these important U.S. events and discuss their importance with your child.

This is an interesting unit especially with elections next week!



This week, Cooper School students have participated in our annual gratitude curriculum. We launch this curriculum before Thanksgiving each year to prep students for this grateful holiday. In morning meeting, we discussed big and small things we are grateful for in our lives. In the upcoming weeks, students will be writing gratitude books in Writing Workshop. They will present their writing during the Annual Harvest Feast!


Important Dates:

November 9- Parent Coffee

November 14th & 15th– ½ day and Conferences

November 22- Harvest Feast