The Cooper School Daily

Grateful Hearts!

Every November Cooper School students and staff begin their discussion of Gratitude.  This unit culminates with the final copy of Gratitude Books prepared with love, for families and friends.  These books are a labor of love that the students put a lot of thought into before their final copy is created.  The outer covers of these books are painted by the Kindergarten class using gorgeous homemade natural dyes.  Inside the books, are the six things that the students are most grateful for in their lives. We hope that you enjoy these treasures that your Kindergarteners have worked so hard to prepare for you!

Jenny Linsky!
Our class has been delighted by our daily read-alouds of Jenny Linsky! Kindergarteners have grown quite fond of Esther Averill’s tales of this darling little black cat from New York City. During this special time of our day, students listen and play a movie in their mind. They have even started to illustrate scenes from our read-aloud during our daily quiet time! We all loved the first book, “Jenny and the Cat Club” so much that we decided to read her next book, “School For Cats”. In these precious books students have grown to love the main character, Jenny Linsky, as she is adopted, finds a loving owner, Captain Tinker, and even discovers her very own hidden talent, ice skating! Ask your Kindergartener to tell you what they love about our newest class read-aloud, “The Hotel Cat”.

Shapes, Shapes Everywhere!
Kindergarteners have had so much fun this week studying all of the shapes around us! Students have been so proud to share all that they know about triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, and even hexagons! Our little friends have been especially excited to use their shape knowledge in our Buildings unit, as we have found SO many shapes in the structures that we have studied. Our Kindergarteners’ counting skills have sure come in handy as we determine how many sides and points each shape is made up of!

Important Dates:
November 23-27: Thanksgiving Break
December 18: Pajama Day (11:30am Dismissal)
December 21-January 4: Winter Break (No School)