The Cooper School Daily

Grateful In Second

Friday, November 20, 2020


Social Studies

And, that’s a wrap! We have officially finished our Inuit study and we’re thrilled to look at all of our hard work from the past 7 weeks.  We presented our research topic today and have special books compiled of our projects to take home. Students have loved this unit and have learned so much. We are so proud of them!

Writing and Reading

Second graders have jumped into our Thanksgiving theme. They have been reading books related to this topic and doing nonfiction writing. This is such a fun unit for students because they learn so many important facts while getting super excited for one of their favorite holidays! 


Our beautiful soapstone carvings are complete! They are all beautiful and unique which makes them so special. This was one of the student’s favorite activities. They loved being able to be super creative and using all of the fun tools to carve the soap!

Important Dates:

  • November 23rd-27th – Thanksgiving Break