The Cooper School Daily

Grateful Second Graders!


This week Second Graders were challenged to make their own yardstick using an index card! With a partner, Scholars created addition or subtraction equations to mark each inch on their yardstick. Everyone took a turn measuring their partner’s arm with the yardstick they created. Ask your Scholar how long their arm is!


Scholars took some time to reflect on all of the different things they are thankful for, and put the finishing touches on their Gratitude Books. Throughout the week, Second Graders have reread and edited their books, adding more details about why they’re thankful for the person or thing they are writing about.


Second Graders had a blast in our Thanksgiving centers this week! Scholars created Thanksgiving Mad Libs, and wrote their own Thanksgiving short story. Second Graders practiced their word work skills by taking a list of Thanksgiving words and writing them in alphabetical order, and by differentiating between verbs and nouns in order to color in a turkey’s feathers. Second Graders also had the opportunity to create their own turkey by tracing their hand and adding their own personal touch to each one. 

Important Dates:

November 22-26: Thanksgiving Break