The Cooper School Daily

Grateful Students!

Newsletter November 6th-11th


Students have begun to learn different strategies for division, including the standard algorithm and the partial-quotient method. Students will be able to choose which method they prefer on assessments. Students have mastered recognizing decimal place value through the thousandths. Students enjoyed using their new knowledge to play Division Dash and Name that Number.



Students have begun a new unit on Westward Expansion. We have finished the fiction book, Mr. Tucket, and have begun research in our non-fiction texts. Students will begin to make text-to-text comparisons and discover new facts about the Wild Wild West.


Social Studies

This week, students read about the War of 1812, the Industrial Revolution and the Trail of Tears. We watched several video clips about the positive and negative effects of the industrial revolution and the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Your child can complete the games and enrichment activities at home too! Go to and click on Enrichment.



Many students have enjoyed playing Khan Academy on their Ipads during centers. This website helps students through different grade-level math topics with videos and games. Students earn points and badges and excel to different levels. In honor of Veteran’s Day, the students created cards for the VA hospital right here in Charleston. This gesture allowed the students to learn how grateful they should be for the women and men who are serving and who have served our country.


Important Dates:

November 14th & 15th– ½ day and Conferences

November 22- Harvest Feast