The Cooper School Daily


Week of November 18-22

Gratitude Books

Our students have explored the theme of gratitude this week in anticipation of Thanksgiving. Each scholar at the Cooper School created a gratitude book of things for which they are thankful. The front and back covers were cut from special paper that the kindergarten students painted with natural dyes. All week they have been asked in Whole School Morning Meetings and our class Morning Meetings to focus on this theme. In addition to the larger observations they have shared (gratitude for family, the earth, pets, etc.) we have encouraged them to think of smaller gratitudes each day such as a good breakfast, a comfortable pair of shoes, or in the case of teachers, a good cup of coffee!

Mystery Reader

We love having parents and family members in to be Mystery Readers in First Grade. Our families sign up at the beginning of the year for this special tradition!  Prior to revealing to the class the identity of our Mystery Reader, clues to the person’s identity are given. If your parent does not fit the clue, you sit down. By the end of the clues, only one student is left standing and our Mystery Reader appears!!  The students are always enthralled by the reading, no matter the topic~~fiction or nonfiction, lessons about values or picture books about princesses! It is always a pleasure!

Practicing Our Penmanship

First Graders practice their handwriting every day, of course, this week we are focusing on keeping our words spaced legibly, our letters formed correctly, our numerals written in the correct direction, and awareness of the letters and numerals positions on the lines. Our scholars are making tremendous progress with their handwriting. Handwriting activates the brain because it involves more complex motor and cognitive skills. It contributes to reading fluency because it animates visual perception of letters. We are noticing increased proficiency across subject areas!

Important Dates

Monday, November 25: Harvest Potluck Feast, 10:15-11:30 AM

Monday, November 25: 11:30 AM Dismissal

Tuesday, November 26: 11:30 AM Dismissal, Thanksgiving Break begins

Monday, December 2: End of Thanksgiving Break: Classes resume

Friday, December 6: K-2 Movie Night, 5-8 PM

Thursday, December 12: Dock Street Theater Field Trip