The Cooper School Daily



This week in Reading we started our new unit of Character Studies! In this unit we will be deepening our understanding and our ideas about the characters in our books. We jumped in with new series books and reading partners and are excited to learn more about our new characters that we are just getting to know.


Thanksgiving is right around the corner so this week in Writing we put our focus on Gratitude. Students are writing their very own gratitude books in which they detail the things in their lives that they are most thankful for. It has been so fun brainstorming as a class, coming up with synonyms for gratitude, and putting everything together on paper! We can’t wait to share these books with you!

Social Studies

This week we are so excited to begin our deep exploration into the state we call home: South Carolina! We are “zooming in” to better understand that our hometown of Charleston is in the state of South Carolina, which is in the country of the United States of America, on the continent of North America! Understanding “Our Place in Space” is an essential part of knowing how we as a community have developed. We will continue to explore the geography of our state, as well as the indigenous peoples that have also called South Carolina home over the years. 

Important Dates:

November 23rd-November 27th- Thanksgiving Break

December 18th- Pajama Day: 11:30 Dismissal

December 21st-January 4th- Winter Break