The Cooper School Daily

Greek Gods, Japanese Fables & Poetry Partners!


This week we finished our study on Greece. Students completed their epic poems, researched greek gods and learned about the heroic cycle. One of our favorite lessons was when we learned the Greek alphabet and wrote our names using only Greek letters. We also took a short lesson on doric, ionic and Corinthian columns. Ask your child what they learned about Greece this week!


This week in Social Studies and Reading, your explorers have been learning all about Japanese culture through fables. They specifically studied Shintoism, the architecture of Shinto shrines, the architecture of traditional Japanese homes, and the Japanese language. Each day, we read a Japanese fable to gather information about the architecture, government, religion, family structures, and clothing. We learned that traditional homes are designed to open up to nature. They are built with natural substances such as wood, bamboo, and straw mats. The walls and doors are even made out of paper, so the room sizes can be changeable. Also, family and friends will gather around a low table and sit on a floor cushion for meals. Ask your student if they’d like to live in a traditional Japanese home!

4th grade Friends

Students were poetry partners with 4th graders this week. Students read and edited their partner’s poems. We played and ate lunch with our 4th grade friends after sharing our poetry to both grades.


Poetry Workshop

Today, Cinelle Barnes came to work with the students on their poetry that will be published in our Pass It On publication. Cinelle gave the students insight and advice on editing their poems. Pass It On is sure to be an event not to miss! Mark your calendars for May 4th.


Important Dates

Saturday, March 24th                       Spring Planting Party (9am-12pm)

Friday, March 30th                            Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                             Return from Spring Break